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Marion Aunspaugh

911 Director


911 Center


18610 East South Blvd.

Blakely, GA 39823


229-723-3414  Phone

229-723-4808 Fax

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The Early County E-911 center was opened May 2002.  It is located at the Early County Jail in the city of  Blakely.


The center receives emergency and non-emergency calls from citizens and dispatch the appropriate agency to the location in a professional and timely manner.


Our center is an enhanced 911 center and is Phase II compliant.  The center has the ability to determine the exact location of the call and plot it on a map.  All calls are recorded and a printout  is also maintained.  The 911 center is operated by ten dispatchers.  There are four shifts which have two dispatchers to each shift.  The center is operated 24/7.


The center provides new addresses for Early county residents.  It maintains the address information for this county.  Two weeks notice is needed to obtain a new structure address. 


If you have not called 911 to verify your address and telephone number, feel free to do so to ensure a proper response to your location.  If you have moved in the last six months please fill out the form below and update your 911 information.


The dispatchers will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our system, please call on our non emergency line, 723-3577.