Visitation Schedule for inmates

Last name beginning with  A-J

Saturday  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Last name beginning with K -Z

Sunday  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Early County Jail


Early County Jail

18610 East South Blvd.

Blakely, GA 39823



229-723-4808 Fax


Mia Wallace

Assistant Jail Administrator






Inmates will be allowed to purchase other items off the Commissary.  (Beverages, Candy, Snacks, Health Items, Stationary, and Clothing)


Each Inmate will receive a receipt for all money in their possession at the time of booking.  This money will be placed on the inmate’s account:





Stamps, envelopes, paper, and pens are available for purchase from the commissary. 



     Early County Jail is a 74 bed detention facility that is under the supervision and operation of the Early County Sheriff. In addition to pre-trial inmates, the jail facility houses, post trial inmates sentenced to the facility until their sentence have been served along with city and state inmates.

     The purpose of the Early County Jail is to provide the highest degree of security for the citizens of Early County, and safety for both the staff and the inmates of the detention system. The facility staff has the responsibility to provide and operate a facility as efficiently and effectively as possible while performing its mission, and planning creatively today for future criminal justice needs.

     The facility will provide secure, constitutional and humane care for adult male and female inmates consistent with the United States and the State of Georgia Constitutions and Georgia Jail Standards.