The records division is glad to assist with criminal history background checks through the State of Georgia only. This check is name based.  You must present
a government-issued picture ID and sign a consent form.  Criminal history background checks are $20 each, cash only.  The service is normally performed while you wait, providing the state computer system is online.

The office at the courthouse is equipped with a Gemalto Livescan machine that will capture and submit fingerprint images to GBI.  You must preregister online at   GBI conducts a search of its criminal history records using the fingerprint images.  In some cases, these images are also forwarded to the FBI where a Federal Criminal History Record search is also conducted.  Notifications of the search results are then forwarded from the GBI/FBI to Gemalto Cogent where these results are then electronically disseminated to the Georgia company or agency that requested the search to be completed.