Inmates will be allowed to purchase other items off the Commissary. (Beverages, Candy, Snacks, Health Items, Stationary, and Clothing)

Each Inmate will receive a receipt for all money in their possession at the time of booking. This money will be placed on the inmate’s account:

  •  Cash, or a money order made out to the inmate, will not be accepted at the window.

  •  Money can be taken out of inmate account at anytime by using the Kiosk machine located in the front office.

  •  No personal checks will be accepted. No exceptions.

  •  Money orders or cashier's checks, made out to the inmate, may be sent through the mail.

  •  To be allowed to order from commissary, all inmate’s money must be received by 12.00 PM on Thursday’s


Stamps, envelopes, paper, and pens are available for purchase from the commissary.

  • Both incoming and outgoing mail must include a return address.

  •  All incoming mail must have: Inmate name P.O. Box 939. Blakely GA 39823

  •  All incoming and outgoing mail will be checked for contraband, illegal action, and disorder against the facility.

  •  Incoming mail containing contraband, or items not allowed will be discard


  •  The blue kiosk located in the front lobby of Early County Jail can be used to place money for a inmate calls.

  • E-Cig made be purchased at the Kiosk machine in the front lobby.

1. How to purchase?

  • order online


2. Visitor's Lobby Kiosk

  • cash and credit card

3. call 887-9985678

Brochure for Inmate Phone and Visitation can be downloaded from the Document Center