The Administration Division is the hub of the Early County Sheriff's Office.  The division handles matters involving everything from health and retirement benefits to the office's financial budget. Two non-sworn employees, which operate out of the Early County Courthouse, are in the division and are responsible for the agency's records, including the disbursement of records to the Clerk of Court, civil processes, and warrants. The Sheriff's administrative assistant oversees the financial budget including accounts payable, payroll and department purchases.



 The Civil Division is tasked with the responsibility of serving civil processes received from the Courts of Early County, as well as other jurisdictions. The division executes court orders that include the completion of evictions, writs of possession and the collection of judgments issued by the courts.



     The Uniform Patrol division is the first line of service to the citizens of Early County. It is staffed by 12 patrol deputies and supervised by Major Sandra Martin. Patrol deputies with marked vehicles provide awareness of twenty-four hours protection with an emphasis towards Community Oriented Policing.

     The protection of our county and its citizens are our top priority. Patrol division conducts traffic stops and write citations for traffic violations. We also assist in all emergency calls. These men and women in uniform represent professional law enforcement that is here to help the community. Early County Sheriff's Office Uniform Patrol Division respond rapidly in serving the citizens of Early County. We strive to do this in a respectful manner.



The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for follow up investigations into crimes referred from the Uniform Patrol Division or those reported directly to CID, occurring within the jurisdiction of Early County.  This includes all types of cases such as property crimes, drug investigations, and crimes against persons. Criminal Investigators gather information to verify that a crime has been committed, obtain evidence to identify and arrest those who violate the law, and coordinate with the Prosecuting Attorney throughout the criminal prosecution of the offender. 




     Early County Jail is a 74-bed detention facility that is under the supervision and operation of the Early County Sheriff.  In addition to pre-trial inmates, the jail facility houses, post-trial inmates sentenced to the facility until their sentence have been served along with state inmates.

     The purpose of the Early County Jail is to provide the highest degree of security for the citizens of Early County, and safety for both the staff and the inmates of the detention system. The facility staff has the responsibility to provide and operate a facility as efficiently and effectively as possible while performing its mission and planning creatively today for future criminal justice needs.

     The facility will provide secure, constitutional and humane care for adult male and female inmates consistent with the United States and the State of Georgia Constitutions and Georgia Jail Standards.



The mission of the Early County Probation Division is to reduce crime and protect the community through prevention, supervision services and safe custodial care for adults. As an integral part of the justice system, the Department is committed to building partnerships with the community and restoring losses to victims of crimes and the public through  programs that stress offender accountability and development of competency.

Communications Center

 Early County Sheriff's Communications Center is located at the Early County Jail in the city of  Blakely.

 The center receives emergency and non-emergency calls from citizens.  The center dispatches the appropriate law enforcement unit to the location in a professional and timely manner.

  All calls are recorded  and a CAD report of each incident is maintained.  The center is operated by six communications officers.  There is always one communications officer on duty and during high volume call times there are two officers on duty.  The center is operated 24/7.